Fire Country Season 2 Episode 9 Review: No Future, No Consequence

Viewers were taken on a wild ride on Fire Country Season 2 Episode 9 as we careen toward the finale. Fans went through the wringer with storylines featuring tense emotions and life-threatening actions. 

We started the episode with a pit of worry about the future of Three Rock and our favorite redeemed bad boy, Manny Perez. Then there’s Vince’s heart issue and Gabriela’s Springer-worthy engagement/former relationship with Diego and Bode.

Did Roberta (Gabriela’s mom) say enough to change Gab’s mind about her upcoming nuptials to Diego? Given what happened with her and Bode during the campaign fire, it’s possible.

Things are definitely heating up.

If you’re one of the fans who thought Fire Country was burning out after a strong first season and a flat second, your mind should be changed.

The writers tossed viewers straight into the flames — literally. When a fire call lasts over 40 days with little containment — despite the hard work of hundreds of firefighters — it’s expected to see some fireworks go off.

Especially with everyone being in such close quarters. Talk about no privacy. Poor Vince couldn’t hide that something was happening, even if he wouldn’t tell anyone what he was keeping secret.

Vince: Doctor cleared me to go on this fire.
Gabriela: So, you told Sharon and Bode?
Vince: Not yet. That fire line out there, it takes every bit of concentration and focus that one can have. And I don’t need Sharon worrying about something that’s not in front of her face. Okay? That’s not happening.
Gabriela: Play it safe. Okay, you’re a chief. So, command from the sidelines.
Vince: Oh. You giving the orders now?
Gabriela: Sharon. Sharon.
Vince: Hey. No, no, no. Okay. Fine. Deal.

But while Vince struggled with being in a bubble, Sharon and Bode thrived on it. Having everyone staying at the camp, sleeping under the stars.

It’s no surprise that either of them loved the high-intensity situation. They both feed on the adrenaline. And they seemed to enjoy fighting fires together, like a family reunion.

It’s easy to see that firefighting isn’t just in Bode’s blood. It’s his calling, and we can’t imagine him doing anything else after he’s released from prison.

We just hope Vince will be around long enough to fight fires with Bode once he’s an official firefighter and no longer an inmate. But from how Vince sounds, he’s not convinced he’ll make it.

Bode: Mom’s worried about you.
Vince: Well, she wouldn’t be Mom if she didn’t.
Bode: You good?
Vince: Yeah. Why?
Bode: Well, we’re here as a family. Fighting a fire together. I thought you’d be a little happier. But something’s bothering you.
Vince: Well, if anything’s bothering me, it’s that we should’ve been doing this for years now. Lost a lot of time with you.
Bode: Now’s our chance to get some back.
Vince: Then what? You get done knocking down this fire. They close Three Rock. Send you away.
Bode: It’s only a year, Dad.
Vince: Who knows where I’ll be in a year?
Bode: What does that mean?
Vince: It means there’s no guaranteed tomorrow. For anybody. Especially on this job.

The close quarters also set the stage for a great reunion between Gabriela and Bode. They finally got to have a civil conversation and clear the air without any emotions or baggage getting in the way.

That is until Gabriela confesses to Bode about Vince’s condition. The verdict is still out on his reaction to the news.

Was it right that he snapped at Gabs and blamed her for keeping the secret from him?

After all, she had to abide by health care/patient confidentiality. She could get into trouble for revealing Vince’s medical history without consent.

But she might be in even more trouble with Sharon for not telling her. If Bode was angry, Sharon was hot enough to burn Gabs to a pile of ashes.

Not that Sharon had time to express her anger since she only found out about Vince’s condition when he was near death.

Vince’s decision to act like a stubborn mule put the entire camp of firefighters at risk by being in such a dangerous situation when he wasn’t at 100%.

Bode tried to talk to him about it, but Vince wasn’t any more cooperative with his son than with Gabriela. While we get why Vince doesn’t want to confess his condition, he shouldn’t have kept Sharon in the dark.

Bode: You’ve been lying to us. Are you okay to even be out here?
Vince: Sit down. Please. Sit down. Alright? I wanted to be out here. With you and your, and your mom. Fighting fires together. And if I told your mom, there’d be reviews and forced medical leave. And they could — they’d take me out of here right now. I wouldn’t get this time with you. I’m fine. Look, the doctor cleared me. And I’m – I’m not going to endanger my crew. You know that.
Bode: You gotta tell Mom.
Vince: Yeah. Of course, I will. Soon as we’re all home and safe.

The whole secrecy thing was a flashback to when Sharon’s kidneys failed in Season 1, and she had to step down from FD to have a kidney transplant.

Pigheadedness runs in the family. And Vince took the crown as king of them all.

We saw this when he and a fellow firefighter went down in the flames of a spot fire that blew out of control. Vince could barely tolerate his own weight. It was heroic yet dumb that he tried to carry a firefighter nearly double his size.

Thank the fire gods that he has a son who is half stupid, half fearless, and willing to risk his life to save his dad’s. And that Bode had a best friend just as eager to serve.

Not that Jake is only Bode’s friend. He’s as much a part of the family as Eve. The trio had been through a lot together, dating back to their teens.

Eve: Some guy from LMU heard there’s contraband beer floating around.
Jake: Well, we could always get one.
Eve: Mmm hmm.
Bode: What, just pass one beer around, like …
Everyone: Stacey Jenson’s sweet 16 party.
Eve: Yo, that was the night I found my people.
Jake: Aww, that was beautiful.
Eve: Okay, I’m trying to be serious. Listen, Riley and you guys, I just, I don’t know. Y’all liked me for me.
Jake: And we still do.
Bode: Mm. Mostly.
Eve: Even funnier, now that I finally found my footing at Three Rock, just in time for them to close it.
Bode: We got right now. And that’s it.
Eve: To the bubble.

Things are still a bit tense between Bode and Jake since Jake revealed he doesn’t want to let Bode take Gene. So far, it might have been the right call, given that Bode isn’t the dad and is still locked up in prison. 

Or is he?

Fans have had varying opinions on whether we want to see Bode released from prison and join a fire station as a full-time firefighter or whether he’s still not ready to rejoin society.

But it looks like a decision has been made for Bode’s future, no matter which side of the fence you’re on.

Vince: I just got the most surreal phone call from CDCR. Reese, remember the division chief up at Lazarus, apparently he was so impressed with you fishing me out of that fire that he submitted you for an extraordinary conduct credit.
Eve: Wait. Does he qualify?
Bode: When, when do I find out?
Vince: That’s what I just found out. You got the credit. And they’re taking twelve months off your sentence.
Sharon: But he only had 11 months left. What does that mean?
Vince: That means there’s some paperwork and stuff. But, uh, you’re free.
Sharon: Oh my God.
Vince: You’re coming home.

So, if Bode is out of prison, what’s next for him in Season 3? Will his release affect the show’s dynamic since Three Rock Conservation Camp is such a large part of the plot?

Not to worry, FC fans. It’s possible that while our favorite bad boy will be out and free, another of our favorite ex-bad boys might take Bode’s spot at the prison camp.

As we discussed in our Fire Country Season 2 Episode 8 review, many of us got pumped when we saw Manny throw a punch at the two-faced, backstabbing Luke Leone.

A show of hands — who predicted he was the one to try closing Three Rock? Hard to believe he shares DNA with our favorite fire captain.

Manny not only violently attacked his superior (justly) — in front of the governor and all the FD higher-ups — but his actions also caused a fire at Station 42.

Naturally, a scene like that would have repercussions. So, it’s no surprise that Manny retreated into himself, becoming a straight-up jerk to anyone trying to be by his side. Especially Eve.

Eve: You heard from the board yet?
Manny: Still here, ain’t I?
Eve: Well, don’t convict yourself before they do man.
Manny: I’m not. I stand by what I did.
Eve: Really? You stand by starting a fire at 42, man? Do you hear yourself?
Manny: Look, I regret the fire. And I regret that it may have cost me my job. But I don’t regret punching Luke. He deserved it. And besides, what I did got Three Rock here, so get off my back.
Eve: And you really believe that?
Manny: I don’t need a lecture, Eve. You’re not my Captain.
Eve: Okay. I’m not his Captain.

Fans loved the dynamic between Manny and Eve during the second season as Edwards tried to step into the big shoes Manny left behind.

It took some time, but she’s really grown into a great captain that the inmates are finally starting to respect.

She’s gone above and beyond to try to reverse Three Rock’s closure call, and she learned to look past the inmate firefighters’ past mistakes and see them for the good humans they’re trying to become.

Like Cole, who she almost sent back to prison in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 4, it was good that she had Manny by her side to put her in her place and make the call based on her professionalism and not the rules of an unjust prison system.

Now, if only she could get through to Manny like he did her. She certainly tried.

Eve: Listen, I may or may not be your Captain, but I’m going to talk – when was the last time you hit the shower trailer?
Manny: I worked a 16 all day. Just leave me alone.
Eve: I know. You were working while everyone else was off. That’s what guilty people do. You know, you’re putting up this front like justice was served. But you know you’re in the wrong. And you’re ashamed. Because Three Rock, they don’t just look up to you, Manny. You are the blueprint. Not just on how to be a firefighter. But how to turn your life around. Become a good person. What you’re showing them right now, is that if you ever make a mistake, just go ahead and hang that up. Is that what you want to show them? Hmm? Is that what you want to show Bode? Or your daughter? Or me? Take a shower, Manny.

Professionally, Eve was a shining star. She and Three Rock saved the day when Vince and the injured firefighter got trapped in the woods, surrounded by the intense blaze.

She knew what Three Rock could do, and they did it beyond well. So well, even the Governor pulled her onto the camera to commend her behavior and give everyone the best news of the season.

Three Rock is staying open! Yay!

Eve delivered the good news to Manny and the even better news that FD would not be pursuing action against him for assaulting Luke.

All seemed to be right in the world. Manny was keeping his job. Three Rock was safe. And Gabriela and Bode shared an intense moment in the woods in the fire’s aftermath.

Eve: Alright. Let’s restock supplies, head back to Three Rock, and grab three to four months of sleep.
Bode: Back to Three Rock. I like the way that sounds.

Although the heat radiating off their steamy kiss was enough to rekindle the fire, just when Bode thought the kiss meant something, Gabriela pulled away — physically and emotionally.

What does their kiss mean for the future? Can the couple work things out? Or was that a kiss of finality before Gabs takes the leap to marry Diego?

Just as we breathed a sigh of relief that things would work out on all fronts, Vince dropped a major bombshell that could take Fire Country Season 3 in a new direction — or require us to say goodbye to one of our favorite characters.

While the FD isn’t going to punish Manny, someone decided to make a scene. Before the camp disbanded, we learned that Manny now has an arrest warrant out for him for his actions against Luke.

And the charges are a doozie. Vince promised that he and Sharon would call in as many favors as possible, starting with Sharon’s sister, Mickey Fox.

We previously met Fox on Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6, and she may come back just in time for the season finale.

If you can’t get enough of the charming sheriff’s deputy, be sure you’re following TV Fanatic to keep up to date with all the news about the spinoff starring our lovely sheriff, set to air in 2025.

It doesn’t seem like Manny’s willing to take a chance on going through the justice system again. As everyone returns to the Station 42 firehouse, Vince realizes Manny isn’t with them.

The last we saw of him, he was walking off into the wilderness. Not cool, Man!

Did Manny do the right thing in running? And what about Gab’s wedding? Will he miss it? We know it’s going to happen. To which sexy man will Gabs say I do?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Sara Trimble is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. You can follow her on X.


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